About Us


The Beyond Rocks Jewelry Company was founded in 2013, and has been providing quality handcrafted jewelry though local art and craft show and now on this website.

My passion is creating jewelry pieces that challenge me and stretch my skills that will lead to new jewelry designs I can create for others to enjoy.

I find great pleasure in designing and constructing unique pieces of art using the natural elements God created for our use. I never know what natural beauty lies inside a rock until I cut it into a slab and find a unique picture lying in wait for my discovery.  I chose the name Beyond Rocks for my company because of these hidden treasures.  Once I find something that is “beyond a rock” I establish a shape, cut and polish it into a cabochon, then design and silversmith an appropriate setting around it.  On a pendant it often includes a unique handcrafted necklace to compliment the design. I love to hammer so many of my pieces include metal forming using the chasing and repouss’e technique to give it the personal touch of hand tooling.  I incorporate other techniques such as the reticulation process to augment and give my designs a unique appearance.

However my greatest pleasure is sharing my passion and creations with others people who have a love for the art and crafts.


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